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MSRP: 269.99




New in 2012! The Kamoa E Series all solid wood (E3) is another milestone for affordable high-quality ukulele. Breakthrough retail price of $ 200 and a lifetime warranty, serial number and date of the quality assurance of all solid tone wood ukulele. Each E3 is a professional built and eventually build our easy playability and crystal clear string articulation strict standards. Production and 100% solid wood maple (back) Select Spruce (sound card) is available in three transparent color 

Available pure acoustic or Kamoa ™ M-1 ™ equalizer / preamplifier. 


Usually in 2-3 weeks.





Sound Sound:


Soprano Year: Bell pure tone treble harmonic and charming. This is a real ukulele in every way, at any age, is designed for anyone to enjoy


Soprano : Thick and resonant soprano uke . Soprano and complexity of modern wooden word is loaded with a deep and balanced tone.

Pineapple : Warm and sweet tone. Pineapple is a real favorite Hawaiian experience. In the rounded body has a very mellow sound and the larger sound board area , with a clear and full sound.

Concert: Concert Kamoa (12 to body ) has lasted more than any soprano but still maintains the iconic ukulele length of the pitch only to realize a small tool and strings . Additional size and girth give this instrument a punchy sound that is a real pleasure to play.

Grand concert : a grand concert is a longer string length than the concert, shorter than the deadline. The professional size ( 14 full- fearless distressed body shape ) has a big bottom end and maintenance sweet treble that is the spirit of the ukulele .

Term : The Kamoa tenor voice is one of the world's largest ukulele maximum available . Tenor ukulele is for stage performance and for the guitarist of choice across ukulele size. The length of the string is longer provide support , projection and richness, smaller size is not waving load.